Help us sustain our mission

As a club we hope to utilize software as a tool for social good by partnering with local nonprofits to create products that reduce logistical challenges faced by their organization so they can more easily pursue their mission. Given that Hack4Impact is a nonprofit itself, we rely on outside donations to sustain and grow our mission to more interested students and community organizations. Every contribution is greatly appreciated!

Our expenses

Hosting costs

While we create software solutions at no cost through volunteer work, there are unavoidable costs associated with deploying and hosting our software. We constantly aim to reduce these costs to minimize expenses for our nonprofit partners and are currently able to deliver all of our projects for less than $25 per month.

Member expenses

In addition to offering students a way to give back to the community and providing valuable "Learn By Doing" experiences, we strive to offer a great college club experience to our members. As a club, we subsidize expenses such as club merchandise and event costs to ensure there are no barriers to participating in the software for social good space.

Project kickoff donation drive

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