Paso Robles Youth Arts Volunteer Management System


About Paso Robles Youth Arts

Paso Robles Youth Arts is a public nonprofit organization providing over 300 students ages 5-18 with over fifty weekly classes and serve over 1,200 students annually. Donna Berg, the founder of Paso Robles Youth Arts, envisioned a place for Paso Robles children to participate in a variety of art programs at no cost and started the Paso Robles Youth Arts Foundation to address this vision.

Project Description

With the many classes and opportunities that Paso Robles Youth Arts provides, it comes with the challenges of encouraging community members to lend a helping hand and easily sign themselves up for tasks they want to help out with. The Paso Robles Youth Arts project team is building a volunteer management system that is focused around being easy-to-use and intuitive to improve access volunteering opportunities for guardians and community members. Major features include sign-up options for time-sensitive and non time-sensitive tasks and bilingual translations.

Team Members

picture of Reilly SalkowskiReilly Salkowski

Product Manager

picture of Jillian QuinnJillian Quinn

Tech Lead

picture of Skylar KurthSkylar Kurth


picture of Jonathon BanhJonathon Banh


picture of Amelia BrusciaAmelia Bruscia


picture of Nestor MartinezNestor Martinez


picture of Nicholas TanNicholas Tan


picture of Tessa TapmongkolTessa Tapmongkol