Building software for social good

We are a student-run organization that empowers engineers, designers, activists, and humanitarians to create lasting social change by developing projects for local nonprofits.

Using tech to help our community

We provide software solutions to San Luis Obispo nonprofits and prepare students to use tech for the greater good. Each year, we partner with nonprofits in our area to build software solutions to problems they are facing.

Happy Hats for Kids


A volunteer management system and order portal for hospitals needing hats or capes

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SLO Botanical Garden


A volunteer management system for accurately recording volunteer hours and export this information

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Stand Strong & Rise


A calendar system that allows volunteers to manage their own shifts at a crisis text line

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Planting trees with ECOSLO

Let's make an impact together


We pride ourselves on being an interdisciplinary organization and accept individuals from all majors and years. Whether you're interested in being a software developer, product manager, or designer, we want to hear from you.


We do our best in seeking out nonprofit organizations that need help in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding areas. If your nonprofit organization has a project idea or could use a little help, please reach out to us!